Indianapolis Colts Top 5 Draft Picks from the Last Decade


Dwight Freeney, DE  – 2002

Lots of people will argue that Robert Mathis was only as amazing as he was because Freeney was getting double- and sometimes triple-teamed by offensive linemen and running backs.  Opposing quarterbacks didn’t have much time to make up their mind once the ball was snapped. Many may remember Freeney for his amazing performance in Super Bowl 46, where played fairly well with a sprained ankle.

Robert Mathism, DE – 2003

Every once in a while, you find a diamond in the rough: an absolute game-changer is what Mathis became for the Colts defense.  He is a combination of speed and power that has made quarterbacks lives miserable for the last nine years. Mathis will be part of the new look Colts 3-4 defense, where he will be playing at stand-up defensive end for the first time in his career.

Dallas Clark, TE – 2003

Clark was drafted by the Colts in the first round of the 2003 draft and went on to become one of the most productive tight ends of the last decade. Clark might have been the absolute perfect piece to the puzzle for the Colts offense, with his size and speed creating match-up problems all around the league.

Pierre Garcon, WR – 2008

Garcon was clearly one of the more talented players to play for the Colts during his tenure with the team.  Garcon played the role of big play receiver. Drafted in the 6th round of the 2008 draft Garcon was clearly a steal but was drafted in a fairly weak wide receiver class. Garcon left the Colts this past off-season and will be on the Washington Redskins payroll in 2012.  He may have a long future ahead of him, but I will always know him as the guy who dropped a key first down pass in the Super Bowl loss to the Saints.

Austin Collie, WR – 2009 

Drafted in the 4th round in the 2009 draft, Collie would join the legendary Peyton Manning in the high-octane Colts offense and was almost part of an undefeated regular season. Collie would quickly become a favorite in 2010, as he started the year off with an 11-catch game against the Houston Texans.  Collie will remain on the team going forward and should provide experienced veteran receiver for whoever the QB might be for the Colts in 2012.