#HorseBytes: Build the Monster … But Put Them in the Same Uniforms


Does football really ever stop? The Colts began offseason workouts this week in preparation for the 2012 season — their first season with new head coach Chuck Pagano — and excitement was in the air. Seemingly everyone had great things to say about the new staff, who created a mantra to boost morale and expectations in the locker room. #ColtsNation sounded off:


Find the hashtag a little odd? #BuildTheMonster is the Colts’ new motto, reflective of the team’s rebuilding and new construction of a 3-4 defense. In fact, every player on the team received a shirt with the slogan in his locker on the first day of OTAs.

The Colts will also sport new on-field apparel when they suit up for the 2012 season. Nike unveiled their new uniform designs for each of the 32 NFL teams on Tuesday in New York. Each team sent a player representative to the unveiling, and Robert Mathis went on behalf of the Horseshoe.

Okay, so the uniforms don’t look very different…at all. But maybe the Colts have had enough changes for one offseason – or two.

What’s more visually appealing are the Colts’ new Nike gloves, revealed by defensive end Mario Addison:

Please tell me where I can get a pair of these.

Meanwhile, the team continues to add players on both offense and defense. Jim Irsay announced two roster moves this week:


Kyle Miller joins the Colts from the Jacksonville Jaguars. If he makes the active roster, 2012 will be his rookie season since he was released from the Jaguars after his rookie training camp last year. In college, he played for Mount Union in Ohio, Pierre Garçon’s alma mater. McKinney, on the other hand, is yet another recruit from Coach Pagano’s former team, the Baltimore Ravens. McKinney is enormous — 6’2″ and 345 lbs — and will bring an unfamiliar size to the Colts defense. But it will be welcome in the new 3-4 scheme.

The Colts also visited Andrew Luck this week, and Irsay gave the young QB rave reviews:


Has the first pick decision been sealed? Irsay may say no, but I say yes. Hopefully a little ‘Luck’ is on my side.

Change is never easy, but the arrival of a new-look Colts team is starting to grow on me. I love the positive attitude the Colts are maintaining despite all the criticism they have received in the past few months. This is a team who is not willing to accept even short-term losses. They’re trending upward, and I’m looking forward to seeing positive results in 2012.

#HorseBytes will be back next week. The draft is less than 3 weeks away, so stay tuned!