Colts Draft Candidate: Rueben Randle


We know now that the Indianapolis Colts will absolutely take Andrew Luck (and not Robert Griffin III) with the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.   Bob Kravitz guaranteed it.   But who will they pick in the later rounds?    Well, we’ve looked at a few candidates over the latter part of the winter, and it’s time for another.

One of the Colt’s lingering areas of need is the receiving corps, so they could use their second pick on a pro-ready tight end or wide receiver.   One guy who seems to fit that mold is WR Rueben Randle of LSU.   Randle is big (6-3, 210) and could probably fit right in to an NFL offense.   Importantly for a young quarterback like Luck, Randle is a good possession receiver who likely won’t drop many balls, will provide a steady target, and has the strength to fight off defenders after the catch.

Randle is not spectacular at any phase of the game, so the number 34 overall pick may be a bit of a stretch, but he could be a reassuring target for  Luck.