Ryan Leaf Arrested: Can the Colts Avoid the Next One?


Looks like Ryan Leaf is being his zany self again.   He was apparently arrested Friday on charges of burglary and drug possession.    Still hard to believe that a lot of folks liked Leaf better than Peyton Manning coming out of college 14 years ago, huh?  The two quarterbacks do have one big thing in common, though: they’re immediate futures are somewhat shrouded in doubt.

Of course, the Indianapolis Colts find themselves in a “1998” spot again this draft season.   Can they pick correctly again this year, like they did way back when Manning wore Tennesee Vol (and not Denver Bronco)?  Should be easier to not flame out this time, because neither Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III have shown any big red flags or character flaws that might lead them down Leaf’s path.

Of course, neither of these guys figures to be Peyton Manning, either.