Colts Season Ticket Renewal Rates Drop


Looks like the fallout from the Indianapolis Colts’ devastating 2-14 season has hit full mass with the departure of Peyton Manning and many other “key” veterans.   To wit, the Colts’ season ticket renewal rate fell to under 90% this off-season for the first time in ten years.    This is decent news for fans, at least for those with some disposable income (oxymoron?) and the desire to watch a team lose eight games at home in 2012.   Colts tickets predictably have been hot items in recent seasons, and now fans have the chance to get in on the ground floor of a brand new era.    Do you believe enough in Andrew Luck and the new direction of the team to take the plunge?

I wonder, too, how different these numbers would be were Peyton Manning coming back as a Horseshoe.   I’ll bet that renewal rate would be pretty darn close to 100%.