Will the Colts Take Griffin Over Luck? Nah …


In the wake of a pro-day showing that was, by all accounts, spectacular, Baylor’s Robert Griffin III has inspired a debate in some circles.    To wit, there is this clever little argument floating out there on the Web and in certain other circles that Griffin was SO good on Wednesday, the Indianapolis Colts may just reverse course and use their first overall pick on him instead of Stanford Andrew Luck.  To which I say … spare me.

Look, I am no great talent evaluator, but I do have a sense of history, and recent history tells me that Luck is the guy most likely to succeed in the 2012 NFL Draft class.  Even last spring, most prognosticators felt that Andrew would have been the first pick, and that was after his sophomore season with the Cardinal.  He’s big and steady, comfortable with pre-snap audibles, and he is the closest thing to Peyton Manning that we’re likely to see come through the draft in a generation or more.

Griffin is exciting and is the hot name of the moment, but I just don’t see him as the lock that Luck is (yes, I know that any of these guys could flame out faster than Carlos Zambrano in a Twiggy look-a-like contest).  There is, however, one slim chance that could get Griffin to the first slot in the draft: trade.

Almost anything seems possible in this topsy-turvy off-season, so how shocked would you be, really, if Jim Irsay traded that first pick for, say Tony Romo, and ten-gallon hat full of lower draft picks.   If that were to happen, then all bets might be off as to the first pick in the draft, as well as everything else.