Indianapolis Colts 2012 Mock Draft: Round 2


Round 2, Pick 2 : Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford

The real fun for the Colts starts in the second round, because they need a little bit of everything as they undertake their massive rebuilding project.  While there is a general sense that the Blue and White will want to nab a receiver, I say they take Fleener here … if he’s available.  San Francisco and the Jim Harbaugh lurk at the bottom of the first round, and the temptation to bring Fleener back into the coach’s fold will be great.

Fleener is an all-arounder who can catch the ball and run block, and he has a built-in rapport with Luck, his college QB.   Fleener would seem to be a great building piece, particularly with Dallas Clark now dispatched to history’s scrap heap.