#HorseBytes: A Sad Goodbye


It’s hard to say, let alone type…but Peyton Manning is no longer a Colt. The great No. 18’s release was announced Wednesday during a press conference in Indianapolis in which both Manning and Jim Irsay were present. Although many, including myself, were somewhat expecting the news, actually hearing it was difficult to bear. Peyton gave a phenomenal farewell speech, moving himself, Irsay, myself, and many others to tears. He will be so dearly, dearly missed in Indianapolis. No Colt will ever wear the 18 jersey again on the field.

Fittingly, #ColtsNation gave Manning a grand tribute on Twitter. The reactions, recollections, thank yous, and well wishes poured out in mass numbers. In this unique edition of #HorseBytes, rather than rehash all the news via top tweets, I’ll instead share with you a collection of my favorite comments from players, teammates, media, and fans…and let the tweets speak for themselves.

Enjoy, and #ThanksPeyton. Best of luck to you with your new team.