Could Randy Moss Fit With New Colts?


On a day when many fans and pundits are calling for the figurative head of St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ due the brewing “Bounty Gate,” his former team is making news for a different reason. While New Orleans Saints Sean Payton may also face some trouble due to his work with Williams, today the head coach gets a chance to consider picking up a future Hall of Famer for 2012. According to various reports, wide receiver Randy Moss is in New Orleans to workout for the Saints, with an eye toward signing a contract.  Moss has been out of the spotlight for awhile, but his resurfacing makes me wonder if my hometown Indianapolis Colts might make a play for his services, as well.

On the surface, Moss-to-Indianapolis may sound outrageous, but it’s not completely off the charts given the current state of the franchise. If quarterback Peyton Manning leaves town, owner Jim Irsay will need to pull out every trick in his bag in order to put fannies in seats next season, and Randy Moss would almost certainly help in that regard. If Manning does somehow manage to end up under center for the Colts next fall, then he’ll need some targets, particularly if either of Reggie Wayne or Pierre Garcon sign free agent contracts elsewhere. As we saw in New England, Moss is paramount to instant offense: just add a bit of QB arm strength, and Randy is standing in the end zone with the ball.

In the end, I doubt that Randy Moss will even move the Colts’ interest needle, and the feeling may be mutual. There have been enough changes around here in recent months, thought, that I wouldn’t be shocked to see a tall, lanky new Horseshoe in 2012.