Colts Franchise, Re-Sign Robert Mathis


Wow, Robert Mathis is really important to the Indianapolis Colts!   Not only did Jim Irsay slap the franchise tag on Mathis yesterday afternoon, but the owner with the onus ALSO signed Mathis to a four-year contract extension mere moments later.  The last guy who received this double whammy of Colt-worship was none other than … Peyton H. Manning himself.  I just hope there is no lingering, unseen hangnail or ingrown hair that the Colts just purchased for their guaranteed $15 million.

Mathis has been a spectacular player for the Manning-era Colts, but that era is dead and gone (most likely).   A 31-year-old defensive end with a huge salary cap number is a luxury that this team doesn’t really need at this point in their history.  But I guess that’s why Ryan Grigson is a paid marionette and I’m not.