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Colts and Mathis Getting Re-Cozy?


On Leap Day, the Indianapolis Star’s Bob Kravitz dropped a tweet little hint as to what might be transpiring between the Indianapolis Colts and free agent DE Robert Mathis:

"I’m told contract talks between colts and Robert Mathis are warming up considerably"

That’s probably good news for the Colts and us fans, because Mathis and bookend Dwight Freeney represent a rare bright spot in the team’s otherwise dismal firmament.  The downside, if there is one, is that Mathis is 31 now, which is young in the real world but not so much in the pigskin world.   Signing him to a big contract would also essentially force the Colts to continue accommodating the fast and free style of play that Dynamic DE Duo have made famous in Indy over the past decade or so.  There could be much worse things, of course, but a substantial financial commitment to RM will make a substantial defensive style change that much more challenging.