Wayne, Manning Might Trot Into the Sunset Together


What if Montana and Rice had simply relocated, in tandem to Kansas City?   Or maybe moved across the Bay to Oakland?  Imagine how great that would have been.    Well, actually, we may not have to imagine quite as hard, because it appears that Peyton Manning and  Reggie Wayne may decide to take their talents to  South Beach … or the Meadowlands … or the District … together!  According to SI.com, there  is a very real possibility that Wayne will follow Manning wherever #18 goes.     I just wonder  if that includes the retirement home, because neither one of these gents is on right side  of 30, and both have been exposed as something less valuable than they were a couple of years  ago.

When Manning went down with a neck injury, he  helped  scrape away the perception that Wayne is, in and of himself, a top-notch Hall of Fame talent.   There is a fair amount of Peyton in Reggie’s numbers, and I guess it’s fitting that the two will try to hitch their wagons to each other as thy mosey on down that last dusty trail of their careers.