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Mayor Ballard Sees Indianapolis in Regular Super Bowl Rotation


Over the weekend, Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard put on his rose-colored glasses when speaking about the future of big-time football games in the Circle City.    To wit:

"There will be people within the next couple years or so, I think, that would be looking at putting something back in, or at least determining when we would be doing that sort of thing."

“That sort of thing” in this case denotes Indianapolis landing in some sort of Super Bowl rotation.    In other words, Ballard thinks that the Big Game site selection process will eventually evolve into a series of cities that  pass the torch from one to another on a regular basis.

Certainly sounds great, and Indy surely acquitted itself well during Super Bowl XLVI, our first foray into such mega events.   I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Hoosier capital lands another SB sometime in the not-too-distant future, but the NFL might want to give us one more test drive before slipping a ring on our collective fingers.

It’s possible, however remotely, that the honeymoon bliss could disappear as quickly as the ground during a typical February snow storm.