RG3 to be 2: Robert Griffin III Tears Up the Combine


So, this is the post where I usually run through my mock draft and tell you who I think will end up where in April’s NFL Draft.   However,  the NFL Combine which just wrapped up in Indianapolis has given us the biggest reason to believe there will be a jockeying for positions among the bottom-dwelling teams since the 2011 season ended.  Chief among the developments was the strong showing of Robert Griffin III, who wowed the media and clocked a sub-4.4 in the 40-yard dash.     More than a few times over the weekend,  I heard RG3 invoked in the same breath with Cam Newton.
I still think the Indianapolis Colts will take Andrew Luck at Number 1, but I’m not sure what to do with the St. Louis Rams at Number 2.   To this point, I’ve had the Rams picking an OT at that slot, and they may still look for a lineman in the first round, but not with the second overall pick.   Simply put, Griffin has made that pick a valuable commodity, and the Rams would be silly to simply let him slide down to the Cleveland Browns or Washington Redskins when they could reap big trade rewards for the rights to select RG3.
Heck, I’m not even sure that the Rams won’t take Griffin for their very own.   Sure, they have Sam Bradford in the fold, but  RG3 would come cheaper, and Bradford would be pretty attractive as trade bait himself.   For now, the top of the draft board is in disarray, but I hope we’ll have a better feel in a couple of weeks.