Weekend at Peyton’s? Irsay Says He’s Talking to Manning


With Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay jetting in and out of town last week as the NFL Combine opened, speculation was rampant that Irsay and pending free agent quarterback Peyton Manning had lost much of their simpatico.  Irsay vowed two weeks ago to meet with Manning last week, and the Big Blue Head vowed last week to meet with Manning this week.   From the outside looking in, it sure seems as though such a meeting has yet to take place, as I would certainly expect Irsay to follow up on such a tryst with his usual telling Tweets.   However, in spite of the fact that we’ve heard nothing to that effect, Irsay now insists that he and Manning HAVE talked, both recently and not so recently.   So why no details?

My hunch is that the two haven’t met at all, they met for some trivial reason, or they met and things didn’t go well.     It’s been awfully quiet from the Manning camp for a long time now, and I’m starting to wonder whether or not the man is real.   Are we looking at a Weekend At Bernie’s scenario perpetrated by Irsay and the Colts?    I’ll bet we find out shortly before March 8.