Will Colts Keep Training Camp in Anderson?


Just a couple of summers ago, the Indianapolis Colts ended their relationship with the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and moved their training camp back to Anderson, northeast of Indianapolis.  The camp had been held in Anderson for several years before moving to Terre Haute, and the team’s return gave a real, if temporary, spark to the beleaguered city.  Now, it appears the Colts may be getting happy feet again, maybe thanks to the nearly complete staff turnover they’ve effected in the last couple of months.

In particular, new coach Chuck Pagano said yesterday that a return to Anderson is no sure thing:

"“Nothing is in concrete. (It’s) just something that we’ve got to tackle and head off at the pass sooner than later.”"

I wouldn’t be too thrilled with that particular brand of tea leaf were I an Anderson resident hoping for the Horseshoes to boost the local economy again this summer.