#HorseBytes: Colts Face Big Decisions on Manning and Luck


Another week has gone by, yet we are no further along in the Peyton Manning decision process. Despite numerous reports, Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning have to yet to meet and discuss the franchise quarterback’s future with the Colts. But just because no decisions have been made  doesn’t mean that there’s no news. Some authority figures took to the podium and “answered” some questions, a campaign was started, and fans received several more cryptic messages. Here’s what #ColtsNation had to say this week:

The city of Indianapolis once again took center stage in the football realm when the NFL Combine began on Wednesday at Lucas Oil Stadium. The top football prospects in the nation are currently residing in the Colts’ house, including the two top draft-bound quarterbacks, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. While most believe Luck is the superior of the two, each possesses  a unique skill set. Jim Irsay was excited to welcome them.

But, as was the case during Super Bowl week, Peyton Manning became the biggest story of combine week in Indianapolis. Seemingly, each day brought a new angle to his recovery saga. Unfortunately, this issue was not open for discussion for Irsay.

In fact, by the end of the week, Irsay wasn’t even around to speak with Manning. John Clayton reported Thursday that the Colts owner up and left town:

So where is Irsay? Why would he leave when he all but promised he would begin negotiating with Manning this week? Why would he not stay in Indy to observe Andrew Luck, whom the Colts are likely to select with their first overall draft pick? New Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson addressed the media Thursday and announced that, while the Colts have not yet decided whether to release Manning, they also have not decided whether they will draft Luck, something that seemed to be definite a few weeks ago.

So it very well may be that the Colts really aren’t hiding anything; they just don’t know. The Colts’ decision-making may be as certain as the current strength of Peyton Manning’s arm.

But something that may be more certain (and encouraging) is the status of possible free agent Robert Mathis. New Head Coach Chuck Pagano also spoke to the media at the combine and voiced a strong desire to keep both Mathis and Dwight Freeney as staples in his soon-to-be-implemented 3-4 defensive scheme.

According to Pagano, Mathis and Freeney “are Colts through and through. We fully expect to have them here as long as we can.” I like the sound of that.

So with Manning’s future seemingly up for grabs, another fan base wasted no time in vying for No.18’s attention. In Miami, Dolphins fans did as #BroncoNation did with Tim Tebow and…purchased a billboard.

The “Manning to Miami” campaign has begun. They even have a website where you can sign a petition that will be sent to the Dolphins’ front office. By all means, don’t sign it! Unless Peyton tells you to.

So #ColtsNation, we are still in limbo. And Jim Irsay isn’t willing to offer any answers.

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