Ron Jaworski Thinks Peyton Manning Should Play, Not Broadcast


We heard recently that Ron Jaworski may have been fired from Monday Night Football to make room for Peyton Manning.   While I think that is specious speculation at best, there is no doubt that Manning loves the camera and the spotlight, even if he is no Matt Affleck, er, Tom Brady.    Anyway, it seems that Jaws was unfazed by his canning, at least when it comes to his support for Manning.  To wit, Jaworski thinks that Manning will definitely play next year and that the New York Jets should land #18.   Having both Manning brothers in the Big Apple at the same time could make for a fun run, but I have to wonder if Jaws doesn’t have ulterior motives here.

After all, if the Neck is off the table, might Jaws find his way back to MNF?