Irsay Would Love to Have Manning Back


So now we know:  if Peyon Manning wants to stay with the Indianapolis Colts, the ball is in his weakened, noodle-like hands. On Tuesday, owner Jim Irsay told the Indianapolis Star that he would love to see Manning back in a Colts uniform, as long as Irsay finds the contract terms agreeable.    There you go, Peyton.   You’re welcome back, and you might get the chance to tutor Andrew Luck in the process.   Just don’t expect to make much money doing it.   You need to prove yourself, and besides, don’t you already have enough dough?

Look, Irsay is trying to win the battle of public opinion here, and this is his first salvo.    He’s got to be hoping that whatever Manning does next won’t look too magnanimous by comparison, `cause he sure as heck doesn’t expect #18 to be back in Blue and White for 2012.    And neither do I.