Happy Chocolate Day, Colts Fans!


Sure, we all know that February 14 is Valentine’s Day (we all DO know that, right guys?), and, for guys,  that’s a day for Indianapolis Colts fans to put aside thoughts of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck for a few hours and celebrate the pulchritudinous grandeur of our fairer halves.   Bring out the roses, fine wine, romantic movies, and even those new pink Colts jerseys (whose name goes on the back now, though?)  on that day, but you don’t have to save all the sweets for your sweet.    For, you see, February 9 (AKA “today”) is Chocolate Day, so you should feel free to hoard, munch, and generally indulge as you see fit.  We’ve had a rough season watching the Colts “play,” and it’s time to lift our mood with a little cacao bean.  After all, doesn’t the actual football that we all love so much look like a big chocolate egg?

Happy Chocolate Day!