Indianapolis Rejoices as Giants Beat Patriots in Super Bowl


As we all hoped more than a year ago, Peyton Manning was in the building as the final seconds of Super Bowl XLVI ticked down last night.    Of course, our nightmare scenario was unfolding in front of our eyes, as well, with Tom Brady on the field with a minute left, driving his New England Patriots toward another Super Bowl victory.    Except it didn’t happen.    The New York Giants’ defense, nothing to write home about most of the year, came up big and stopped touchdown Tommy, who resorted to a last-second Hail Mary.   Fail.

Quarterback Eli Manning took home the MVP award, although receiver Mario Manningham gave him a run for those roses with some big catches in the fourth quarter.   Manning had a 103.8 rating for the night and led yet another late-game, come-from-behind drive to nab the big win.

Congrats, Giants!  Congrats, Eli!  Congrats, Indianapolis!