Best SuperBowl Commercials 2012


Aside from the game itself, and the lasting image of Tom Brady with his tail between his legs, the commercials are always one of the best parts of the Super Bowl, and the 2012 rendition was no exception.   After a day to think about it, here, in my opinion, are the best Super Bowl commercials for 2012:

  • Chrysler: “It’s Halftime in America”
  • M & M’s: wardrobe malfunction
  • Volkswagen: fat dog, fit dog
  • Star Wars Episode I 3D trailer
  • Oikos Greek Yogurt: John Stamos gets laid out
  • Acura: Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi
  • Chevy: Daredevil Sonic
  • Skechers: Go Run, Mr. Quiggly!