What Does Peyton Manning’s Big News Mean for Andrew Luck?


So, now that Peyton Manning is ready to resume his NFL football career, what does the future hold for Andrew Luck?   You know that the presumptive number one pick in the 2012 NFL draft has had his eye on the Indianapolis Colts and the Manning situation, and he may even have lost a little sleep over it last night.

My guess, though, is that Luck still comes to Indy and that Manning still leaves the Colts.   Luck has said time and again that he wants to start right away, and that probably couldn’t happen were Manning still on the roster.    There has been speculation in recent days that Manning might accept a reduced or provisional contract to stay with the Colts, and I was starting to believe that argument might have merit.   If he is truly healthy, though, teams will line up from here to Miami to bury him in barrels full of cash,  and it’s hard to imagine that even a lifer could pass that up.

Hold on folks … the Colts ain’t done buckin’ yet!