#HorseBytes: Super Bowl Week in Indianapolis


Super Bowl XLVI has arrived in Indianapolis, and Naptown has proven thus far to be quite the host. Although our mighty Colts are not participating in the big game, #ColtsNation came out in droves and jumped into all the festivities, and of course, our own No. 18 was the big story. This week’s #HorseBytes will take you through the week’s events via the Twitterverse, from the rumors to the reports, and from the firings to the hirings…with some good ‘ol Indy magic in there, too.

More Retirement Tweets

The week certainly started out with a bang. As early as Monday morning, a new source was announcing Peyton Manning’s impending retirement.

Along with this rumor, other twits began to report that the Colts had already released Manning and had decided the quarterback’s fate “weeks ago.” Thankfully, @JimIrsay was there to debunk the myth once again.

Coaching Tweets

The real news coming from Coltsland involved the hiring of a new offensive coordinator. Irsay and new GM Ryan Grigson chose Pittsburgh’s Bruce Arians on Tuesday to take the OC position and act as the new offensive mind of the Colts. With Pagano, a defensive coach, now leading the charge as HC, Arians will play a crucial role on the team, for the Colts have essentially been offensively-oriented ever since the Manning Era began in 1998. It’s interesting to note that Arians was the Colts’ quarterbacks coach during Peyton’s first three seasons. Colts.com broke the news.

The Colts also announced the hiring of a new offensive line coach: Harold Goodwin, also from Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, though, with the hiring came two more firings as more of Caldwell’s former staff was let go.

But the Colts are keeping around a familiar and welcome face: Clyde Christensen.

I’m sure this was welcome news for Peyton Manning, who has worked with Christensen since the coach first joined the team in 2002…after Arians left.

The last hiring of the week came in the form of a new defensive coordinator, which virtually completed Pagano’s surrounding staff.

Manusky was let go by the Chargers early last month after just one season. Previously, he worked as the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers for four years.

Player Tweets

While chaos surrounded the staff, the players got to have some fun and were some of the most wanted figures of Super Bowl week. Between interviews, appearances, and charity work (and play), the Colts probably got more media attention than they had all season. From what they shared on Twitter, they loved every minute of it.

But of course, some Colts were naturally more popular than others…

Don’t worry, guys, your time will come, too. #futurestars

The Comeback Tweets

Peyton, of course, continued to receive the most media attention. On Tuesday, No. 18 himself finally came out and addressed his future with Trey Wingo of ESPN.

In the interview, Peyton said that he feels “really good” and is progressing each day. He gave every indication that he plans to return to professional football in 2012.

The skepticism only skyrocketed from there. On Thursday, an even more surprising report emerged.

In the span of four days, Manning went from hanging up his jersey to being medically cleared to resume play. Eureka! But before anyone could get too excited, Irsay burst the bubble.

So, Peyton’s been cleared to play by doctors, but not the team. What does that mean? What would make a private doctor’s report any different from that of a Colts’ doctor? It seem as if the Colts and Peyton are destined for a rough split in the near future, although I certainly hope in my heart that’s not the case.

Rave Reviews for Indy

Over all, fans, media, and professionals alike have great things to say about Indianapolis as a host city. Highlights from Super Bowl Village include radio row, the ESPN Broadcast Studio, a 800-ft tall zip line above Capitol Avenue, Tailgate Town, and the iconic 30-ft tall Super Bowl Roman Numerals. Attendance was through the roof.

There’s been a lot to take in this week, but now all there’s left to do is wait and enjoy Super Bowl XLVI before we are football-less for several agonizing months.

#HorseBytes will be back next week! Enjoy the big game, and may a Manning win! Don’t forget, you can always follow me for more Colts tweetings @catierae08.