#50thingsilove About Super Bowl Week in Indianapolis


The Super Bowl in Indianapolis is like nothing we’ve ever witnessed before, and I’m loving every minute of it.   In fact, let me count the ways:

  1. Easy access to everything
  2. Peyton Manning more popular than the Super Bowl itself
  3. Peyton Manning stealing headlines from Tom Brady
  4. Eli Manning set to beat Tom Brady again
  5. Sunny skies
  6. Warm temperatures
  7. No snow
  8. No ice
  9. National love for Naptown
  10. Easy airport
  11. Good food
  12. #BigGame drawing near
  13. Media day hype
  14. Celebrities in Indianapolis
  15. Money coming into the city
  16. Indy all over the television
  17. Zip line
  18. City hasn’t ground to halt with extra traffic
  19. It’s all on easy display
  20. Lucas Oil looks beautiful
  21. If I squint, Eli looks like Peyton
  22. Bill Hudnut
  23. Bill Hudnut getting kudos
  24. Peyton still embracing Indy
  25. Peyton enjoying Super Bowl experience despite it all
  26. Not nervous about Colts’ losing
  27. Groundhog Day like no other; let’s repeat over and over!
  28. Talk about another Super Bowl bid
  29. Indy being compared to best Super Bowl sites
  30. The Marriott
  31. Jim Irsay
  32. Bob Irsay (thanks!)
  33. Something to do until “pitchers and catchers report”
  34. White River behaving itself, odoriferously
  35. We’re not in Dallas
  36. We’re not in Detroit
  37. We’re not in San Diego (lovely city, lousy stadium)
  38. Something to do until “With the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts …”
  39. Few protesters
  40. The Indy skyline
  41. Indiana Pacers on road … absence makes the heart grow fonder
  42. Indiana Pacers at home on February 6, the day after the Super Bowl
  43. Reggie Wayne wants to stay
  44. Rumors percolating of Peyton Manning staying around on the cheap
  45. Ryan Grigson gets settled in peace
  46. White Castle
  47. The growing sports legacy of Indianapolis
  48. Greatest landlocked city in the United States
  49. Indianapolis as the center of the sports world for at least a week
  50. Super Sunday!