Why Make National Signing Day Compete with the Super Bowl?


Today is National Signing Day, when the nation’s top high school football players sign on the dotted line and decide where they will play college football for the next four years (or however long they get along with the coach).    College pigskin has become popular, and lucrative, enough that this should be a very big deal, and sources like ESPN do devote a significant portion of their coverage to signing day each year.   However, as NFL fans and Indianapolis residents can tell you, The League is also in the throes of staging its centerpiece, Super Bowl week.

I heard it argued on various sports radio shows yesterday that signing day should be pushed out until after the Big Game and perhaps given its own weekend showcase, when us working stiffs could better partake of the glory.   It’s not as if I need another time waster, but I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly.     It’s good enough for the Heisman Award, so it should work fine for the lads who might one day strike the pose, as well.