Irsay Has Been Looking for Manning’s Replacement


Jim Irsay acknowledged on Monday that, even before Peyton Manning’s saga with multiple neck surgeries, the team has had its eye on potential replacements.    According to CBS Sports’ Tom James:

"Colts owner Jim Irsay says the team began looking around for QB Peyton Manning’s successor before he underwent three surgical procedures on his neck over 19 months. “I think we have identified that, even before this year, that you have your eye open at looking for that quarterback that can eventually replace Peyton,” Irsay said."

Funny how Irsay had enough time and foresight to keep one of his ojos open even while signing that big check that he gave Manning in 2011.  Of course, Bill Polian did seem to spend an awful lot of time at Stanford games over the last couple of years.