Hi February, Super Bowl is Better in Indianapolis Than in Dallas


Hi February,

We can see you peeking up over the horizon, and Hoosiers, for once, are happy to see you come.  We’re glad you’re descending upon us, and we can hardly wait for your 5th day, when the showcase of our Circle City culminates in Super Bowl XLVI.    Heck, you may even be our favorite month after it’s all said and done, because you are helping us prove that Indianapolis is a much better city for the Super Bowl than Dallas.  Here are ten reasons why:

10.   We have Jim Irsay; they have “Jerra.”

9.  It’s warm here in February (really, just look outside); it’s miserable in Dallas in February.

8.  We don’t let boy bands play video games on our Jumbotron.

7.  The Colts have actually played in the Super Bowl within the last 15 years.

6.  Even if it DID turn cold and snowy, we have salt and snow plows.

5.  We bring extra buzz, courtesy of Peyton Manning and the Colts.

4.  You don’t need GPS to get through our airport.

3.  You can walk from anywhere downtown to anywhere else downtown.

2.   A Manning (Eli), will crush the Patriots and Tom Brady on our field.

1.  “Naptown” is a much better nickname than “Big D.”

Thanks, and welcome to the city!

Naptown’s Finest