Super Bowl Village Opens in Indianapolis


The Indianapolis Colts may be trying to dig their way out of sudden dysfunctionality and back to respectability, but the city of Indianapolis is starting to reap the rewards of the heady past decade of NFL football engendered by Peyton Manning.  Even while Manning and Jim Irsay bicker and kiss and make up and prepare to part ways, Naptown opened its Super Bowl Village tonight with a slate of concerts.   This may not be Mardi Gras, but the 10-day soiree unfolding in front of our eyes is likely to be the funnest stretch of relatively mild debauchery that this town has ever seen.   And at the end of it, we’ll come out on top, even with Manning and the Colts on the sideline.

After all, on the first Sunday in February, the new Super Bowl champion will belong to Indianapolis, if only for a night!