What Does Pagano Mean for Peyton Manning?


The Indianapolis Colts continued their breakneck off-season by hiring Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano on Wednesday.   Now comes the really fun part of the winter, when owner Jim Irsay gets to sort out what to do with quarterback  Peyton Manning.  Does Pagano’s hiring give us any hints about Manning’s future with the Colts?   Here are a few possibilities.

Manning Stays Because

  • Pagano is a defensive mind and will help shore up the non-Manning side of the ball, ensuring that the Colts can win again soon.
  • Clyde Christensen is still around (so far) as offensive coordinator, and he is adept at staying out of Manning’s way.
  • We all really love Peyton Manning.

Manning Goes Because

  • Pagano believes in defense, and offense be damned.
  • Pagano will want his own offense, along with a new coordinator and quarterback to run it.
  • Jeff Saturday may retire.
  • Reggie Wayne may leave town.
  • Andrew Luck is available in the draft.
  • Manning is due a huge roster bonus in March.
  • Pagano comes over from Baltimore, and his secret mission is to gut the Colts of their collective souls.   Karma, as they say, is a beach.
  • This town ain’t big enough for the two of them (Manning and Pagano).  Pagano costs less.

This could still go either way, I suppose, but I think the preponderance of the tea leaves point to a sad goodbye.   And, perhaps, a protracted rebuild.

Lord help our Colts!