Indianapolis Colts State of the Union


Tonight,  President Obama delivered his fourth State of the Union address, and it got me to thinking about the state of the Colts.  How do the Colts stack up to the nation as a whole?  Is the team in a recession, or a full-blown depression?   Will Jim Irsay address the talent  and income disparities on the team by cutting Peyton Manning and drafting to build for the  future?  Here are a few points that illustrate the  current State  of the Colts:

  • Unemployment is rampant on the team, with coaching axes now numbering in double digits.
  • Peyton Manning is apparently waiting around to see if he is next to go.
  • The team is looking for a charismatic new leader.   Mr. Politician himself, Jim Tressel, may be emerging as a frontrunner.
  • Several incumbents are in danger of jetting out of town:  Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday, Robert Mathis,  Gary Brackett.
  • New general manager  Ryan Grigson has so far been rendered irrelevant by owner Jim Irsay’s pulling rank on personnel decisions.
  • Regardless of who is at the helm, both on the field and on the sidelines, the Colts face a steep rebuilding curve.
  • Despite it all, Blue and White diehards are optimistic that the Indianapolis Super Bowl will signal the start of a quick football Renaissance in Naptown.