Colts DE Robert Mathis Won’t Play in Pro Bowl


Remember those halcyon days of yore when Indianapolis Colts standouts would eschew their God-given right to play in the Pro Bowl because they were just plain tuckered out from yet another deep playoff run?    Well, the Colts may have stunk on ice in 2011, but DE Robert Mathis is giving us a chance to relive our golden years, choosing to pass on the festivities in Honolulu this coming Sunday.   It seems that Mathis is staying home with his burgeoning family rather than trekking across the Pacific to soak up some rays.   Even though the cynical among us might think otherwise, I’m sure that this decision has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Mathis is a free agent, and the rigors of travel and another game could expose him to injury and a reduced pay day.  That’s not it at all, I’m sure.

Mathis just wants to give fellow DE Dwight Freeney his day in the sun, literally, as the Colts’ lone Pro Bowl representative.