With World on Brink of Disaster, Eli and Giants Must Slay Patriots


Entering the 2011 NFL season, what would your dream matchup have been for Super Bowl XLVI?   For many, it would have been Peyton Manning and the hometown Indianapolis Colts against his brother, Eli Manning, and the New York Giants.    And your nightmare scenario?   Peyton lying prostrate with Tom Brady and the despised New England Patriots crashing the Naptown city gates would have been about as bad as any of us could imagine.   So, in the end, what we’re left with is the lesser part of a pie-in-the-sky fantasy and the worst of all football evils.

Thus, the Super Bowl rooting choice for any true Indianapolis Colts fan is clear.   We need Eli to bring his most potent magic to the game and equip his teammates with all of the dragon-slaying armor that he can find.   Might not be a bad idea to locate David Tyree, as well.

And, as a contingency plan, I think the city planners should get to work, post-haste, on fitting all of the downtown expanses between buildings with safety nets.  Should the Patriots clinch another Super Bowl victory, in Indianapolis, while Peyton Manning watches on (from somewhere), we may find some locals practicing their amateur aerobatic skills.