Indianapolis Colts Could Do Worse Than 49ers Kyle Williams


Yes, yes, we all know by now that Kyle Williams “cost” the San Francisco 49ers a chance to play in the Super Bowl, courtesy of his unsightly fumbles.  Of course, there were a few other guys involved in that game, on both sides of the ball, who also had something to do with the New York Giants’ big victory.

As a Colts fan in 2012, I can certainly sympathize with a guy who is not exactly on top of the football world as February peeks up its head.   While Williams will have to think about his muffs all spring and summer long, his return skills would probably be an asset for Indy, who averaged 3.4 yards per punt return and 18.6 yards per kickoff return in 2011.   By contrast, Williams ticked off 20.5 and 26.0 yards, respectively.    Sure, Williams’ return opportunities were fairly limited, but it’s an interesting comparison, nonetheless.