Could Colts Thrive Under Jim Tressel?


Didn’t we all know, deep down, that Jim Tressel was not brought in just to be an eye in the sky last season?   Having spent the better part of a decade working in the shadow of Ohio Stadium, I’m pretty confident that Tressel’s personality is too strong and his ego too big to accept an auxiliary role, no matter the level of competition.   I suspect that, had the Colts’ 2011 season not derailed and Jim Caldwell not been fired, that Tressel would have beat a hasty retreat to some other pro team or to a television booth until the next big college job opened up.  Now, though, it appears that the way is clear for Tressel to make a run at the Colts’ head coaching job.    Can he nab it, and would he be right for the gig?   As full to the gills as I am of Tressel, I have to admit that the idea may not be as off base as it might at first seem.

Tressel obviously made his name in the college ranks, leading Ohio State to untold riches and improper benefits, and the conventional wisdom seems to be that he would flop in the pros.   However, with the Colts poised to  pick a fresh-faced quarterback to lead their franchise into the future, who better to take the coaching helm than a guy accomplished at dealing with the same population of players?   Tressel might be just the chap to help guide a young gun like Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III through the choppy waters of being a rookie quarterback in the NFL.

And, Tressel has shown that he is not above looking the other way where player behavior is concerned, an invaluable asset in the pros.    Don’t you think the Colts would be grateful if red, er, Blue Vest could finagle some free tattoos?