Archie Says Peyton Manning Wants to Stay with Colts


Even though the Indianapolis Colts have apparently NOT decided what to do with injured quarterback Peyton Manning, the future Hall-of-Famer would prefer to stay in Indy.   At least that’s what his daddy, Archie Manning told the New York Times on Sunday after other  son Eli downed the mighty Green Bay Packers.

Look, it would be great if the Colts were able to hang onto a healthy Peyton Manning to guide them next season, and to draft Andrew Luck to lead them for the next decade plus.  It just doesn’t make a lot of economic sense to pay Manning his $28 million roster bonus in addition to what ever sum Luck would command as the first pick.  Now, if Manning were serious about being a Colt, and only a Colt, then maybe something could be worked out.   If Peyton granted Indy a serious “hometown discount,” then we might get to have our quarterback and sit him, too.

But, really, why would Manning want to do that?   The Redskins, Dolphins, and any number of other teams would probably pay him handsomely, even if he is no guarantee for 2012.   Maybe the depth of his love for Indianapolis will surprise me, though.