Lesser of Two Evils: Ravens Down Texans in NFL Playoffs


Bad Colts blood was pouring all over the field in Baltimore this afternoon when the Ravens hosted the Houston Texans in an AFC divisional round playoff game.  The Colts, of course, jilted Baltimore many moons ago, and many good folks in the harbor town still harbor hard feelings toward their own franchise.

The Texans, on the other hand, have  been a “rising” team for what feels like a decade now, and they finally seem to have clicked this year, though they were one of the more inconsistent “good” teams from week to week.   Houston fans and the players they support are also notorious Colt-haters, and they talked trash about Indy long before they had any cause to do so.  You know that the noise level was off the charts this season.

All of which is to say that neither the Ravens nor the Texans sit on my list of favorite NFL teams, but picking a horse to root for in this race was a no-brainer.   Any time the Houstons fall is a good day, and the Ravens made mine.   Considering that they’ll be playing the Patriots for all of the AFC marbles next week, I just might be pulling for Baltimore all the way into February.