On a Dark Winter Day, Jim Caldwell Returns to Colts?


Shouldn’t this have happened yesterday, on Friday the 13th?   Isn’t that supposed to be the unluckiest day of all?   Don’t we expect bad news when the sun and the moon and the one and the three align?    Not in Colts land, where nothing is ever quite as it seems.   In this case, Saturday the 14th proved to be much gloomier indeed, as Jake Query reports that Jim Caldwell will return to coach the Indianapolis Colts again in 2012.   *sigh*

If this is true, then it’s troubling in a number of respects:

  • Peyton Manning will likely be back, along with his huge roster bonus.  Caldwell is a Manning guy, after all.
  • Andrew Luck will go elsewhere or will come to Indy to sit behind Manning.
  • Either Jim Irsay made this decision for Ryan Grigson, or Grigson made the first bad pick of his Colts’ career.    Either way, Caldwell’s return doesn’ look good on the new GM.