Colts Draft Prospect: DT Dontari Poe


Hey, we all know what the Colts are going to do with the first pick in the 2012 NFL draft, but what about those other rounds?  Indy needs help almost everywhere, so it will probably be a case of the fabled “best available talent.”     Between now and the draft, we’ll look at a few of the guys who might fill some of the Colts’ many holes.

University of Memphis DT Dontari Poe certainly has something the Colts should be looking for: run-stop ability.  Poe, a second-string All-Conference USA selection, is big, strong, and quick.  His strong point is tackling ball carriers, which, when you get right down to it, is a pretty important attribute for a TACKLE to possess.   Of course, that would be in stark contrast to the Colts D in recent years and might get them off the field a little more quickly.

Poe, just finishing his junior year, declared for the draft in December.