Will Friday the 13th Bring Bad Luck for Any Colts?


This week already brought the Indianapolis Colts and their fans a new general manager (Ryan Grigson) and some juicy rumors (Peyton Manning to Jets, Jeff Fisher to Indy).   Now that the week is wrapping up, could Friday the 13th bring bad Luck to any of the current Colts?  Now, don’t get me wrong:  I’m not thinking about anything ghoulish or really even that terrible outside of a football perspective, but the Colts certainly seem poised to make some moves that might be uncomfortable for a few folks.  Wouldn’t it be fitting, somehow, if the Colts used Friday the 13th to …

  • … fire head coach Jim Caldwell?
  • … trade quaterback Peyton Manning?
  • … release some underperforming veterans?
  • … bring back maybe their most infamous No. 13, Mike Vanderjagt?
  • … rename Lucas Oil Stadium to “Sammy Terry Turf”?

Do I think all of these things should happen?  No, but most of them would probably help the overall state of the team.