#HorseBytes: Colts Tweets of the Week


Colts players: They’re just like us! Well, they might be larger, more popular, more athletic, and just a tad bit bluer, but deep down they’re just regular people…who can play football really well. They all have opinions and points of view, and, lucky for us fans, we have the ability to get to know our Colts on a more personal level through the social media phenomenon that is Twitter.

Each Friday, I’ll review the week through some of my favorite Colts-related tweets. I’ll share with you the postings of everyone from the players, to Colts media sources, to the poetic and cryptic Jim Irsay. So, without further ado, here’s what the Colts had to say this past week:

1. Monday, January 9th began with the BCS National Championship between the top-ranked LSU Tigers and the second-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide rolled over the Tigers in a 21-0 shutout, leaving many fans in doubt of the BCS system. Our own Colts tight end Jacob Tamme had this to say:

A former SEC player himself, having played for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, Tamme knows what he’s talking about. It was interesting to get an opinion from someone who actually played in the system. I think Tamme’s suggestion to use the four BCS bowls (Sugar, Rose, Orange, and Fiesta) as an eight-team playoff bracket for the National Championship is a great one. It would certainly eliminate the doubt and debate that the BCS rankings frequently stir up.

2. Defensive end Robert Mathis also had something to say about the National Championship game. Apparently, Mathis had ties to both of the teams participating.

It was great to see Mathis acknowledge, remember, and appreciate those who helped him throughout his journey to the NFL as a Colt. I, for one, should like to thank both Mr. Sunseri and Mr. Cooper as well: Thank you for Robert Mathis!

3. Later in the week, things got more interesting for the Colts, as Jim Irsay announced “BIG NEWS.”

The news Irsay was referring to was the hiring of Ryan Grigson as the Colts’ new general manager. Grigson, the former director of player personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles, has ties to Indianapolis and has been part of teams that have made the playoffs in eight of his twelve seasons in the NFL, including three trips to the Super Bowl. I support the hire and look forward to his tenure.

4. I’ll round out the week with the political musings of punter Pat McAffee. McAfee used Twitter to comment on a recent viral video depicting several American soldiers relieving themselves on the bodies of dead Taliban members. McAfee had this to say:

I must say, I admire McAfee’s patriotism. It’s nice to know that our Colts read up on their news and are faithful to their country. We’ve got some great guys on this team and better days ahead!

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