Colts Won’t Have First Pick in Every Round of Draft


Did you enjoy those two late-season puff wins that the Indianapolis Colts put together?   Were you happy to see the Colts avoid the ignominy of an 0-16 season?   Most of us probably fell into that category and were just relieved that the Colts “won” the draft-position tiebreaker with the St. Louis Rams after both teams finished at 2-14.

Turns out, though, that those two wins weren’t just all free fun, after all.  It seems that, in the event in a tie for badness, the knotted teams alternate picking first in each round of the NFL draft.  Thus, the Colts get the first pick in rounds 1, 3, 5, and 7; but they pick second in rounds 2, 4, and 6.   It probably won’t make or break the future of the franchise, but Indy played themselves out of three total draft positions, not to mention merely blowing the whole shebang.

The Colts were more than happy to lie down when they were (not) pursuing perfection a few years ago, and they should have done the same when draft picks were on the line.