Playoffs Start Without Colts for First Time in Ten Years


Are you feeling a little empty, Colts fans?   I sure am, thanks to that big hole in my January weekend schedule this year.   In fact, there has not been a gap this big for must of us since the winter of 2001.  You see, that was the last time that the NFL Playoffs began without the Colts being in the mix.  Gripe and moan as we may have for the intervening decade about the Colts’ lack of post-season results, the fact is that the team ALWAYS entered January with a shot at the promised land.

That’s all over, of course, and so may be the Colts career of the juggernaut’s chief architect and field technician, Peyton Manning.   Our consolation is that Andrew Luck will likely be galloping into town this spring, and we can hope that he heralds a continuation of our golden years.   Until then, try to enjoy the pressure-less playoff season.