Polian Regrets Not Having Good Backup for Peyton Manning


In a colossal “well, duh” moment on Wednesday afternoon, ousted Colts vice chairman told the Associated Press that he regretted not having a solid backup plan in place,  Justin Case quarterback Peyton Manning went down with an injury.   As  we all know now, Mr.Case played probably the biggest role of anyone in the Colts’ collapse this past season, and Polian, along with son Chris, paid with his  job.

The truth is that Colts fans were screaming for years that the franchise was living on the edge by keeping around the likes of Jim Sorgi and Curtis Painter to hold Manning’s clipboard, but Polian stubbornly refused to grab a more reliable option.   Who knows? Maybe owner Jim Irsay tied Polian’s hands in this respect, but it sure seems like someone along the lines of Jon Kitna could have been had without breaking the bank.

Ah, well, it’s all vertebrae under the bridge at this point, right?