Is Jim Caldwell Next to Go?


Now that Bill and Chris Polian have been canned by owner Jim Irsay, there is little buffer left for the rest of the organizations braintrust.   Of course, no one below them has to worry any longer about becoming the scapegoat for the Polians after the Colts’ terrible 2011 season, either, so it’s not yet clear what Irsay has in mind for his next big show.   You have to think, though, that these are some sleepless times for head coach Jim Caldwell.  After all, after Caldwell fell into a team ready-made by the Polians, Tony Dungy, and Peyton Manning, he has “led” them to the Super Bowl, a subsequent 10-6 record, and then the just-passed 2-14 debacle.    That leaves Caldwell with a 26-22 record as an NFL head coach and a plummeting stock.

All I’m saying is, don’t be surprised if Jim fires Jim.