Power Rankings for Week 17


Each week after Monday Night game(s) has concluded, I’ll  publish my list of NFL power rankings.  Here is the pecking order for Week 17.

1) Green Bay Packers  – Packers notch 15 wins in awesome season.

2) New Orleans Saints –  Saints trounced Newton and Panthers.

3)  San Francisco 49ers  – Niners held off Rams to clinch bye.

4) New England Patriots  – Patriots manhandled once-promising Bills.

5) Baltimore Ravens  – Ravens earned playoff bye with tough win over Bengals.

6)  Pittsburgh Steelers  –  Steelers needed their tough D to survive against Browns.

7) Detroit Lions  –  Played the champs tough in Lambeau.

8)  New York Giants  –  Eli was “clutch” again.

9)  Cincinnati Bengals  – Bengals lost but still landed in the playoffs.

10) Atlanta Falcons  – Falcons offense was just nasty against the Bucs.

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11)  Houston Texans  – Texans may be most inconsistent “good” team in league.

12) Philadelphia Eagles  – A healthy Vick might have led Eagles to the playoffs.

13) Dallas Cowboys  –  Cowboys out of playoffs again.

14)  Tennessee Titans  – Titans finish strong in Houston.

15) New York Jets  – Loss to Dolphins kills playoffs for Jets.

16)  Arizona Cardinals  – Cardinals end season with spirited OT win.

17)  Denver Broncos  –  Tebow leads Broncos to playoffs … by losing.

18) San Diego Chargers – Chargers killed Raiders playoff hopes.

19)  Oakland Raiders  –  Raiders back out of the playoffs.

20)  Seattle Seahawks   –  Seahawks fell just short of .500.

21)  Kansas City Chiefs –  Chiefs turned out to be a halfway decent team.

22)  Miami Dolphins  –  Dolphins knock Jets out of playoff running.

23)  Chicago Bears  –   Good win, but no playoffs.

24)  Carolina Panthers  – Newton ends great rookie year with a fizzle.

25) Buffalo Bills  – Bills didn’t bother to show up in New England.

26) Washington Redskins  – Time to blow them up yet again?

27)  Cleveland Browns  – Browns played tough against Steelers but came up short.

28)  Minnesota Vikings  – Long off-season ahead in Minnie.

29)  Jacksonville Jaguars  –  Jags finally got out of the basement.

30)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  – Didn’t the Bucs used to have a really stingy D?

31)  St. Louis Rams  –  Gave it their best shot, but couldn’t overcome Niners … or Colts.

32) Indianapolis Colts – They did it!  They did it!