Colts Lose to Jaguars, Beat Rams


On January 1, 2011, I sure didn’t think that I’d be sitting in my living room exactly one year later, cheering for the Colts to LOSE the last game of a disgraceful season.    And yet, there I was, rooting hard for Maurice Jones-Drew in the third quarter as he ran for as many yards (56) on one play as the Colts picked up all game.  There I was, applauding every Dan Orlovsky interception (2) and sack (3).   There I was, standing at attention and sighing in relief as the clock ran down on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 19-13 last-game victory.

So now the real fun begins.   Will Peyton Manning be back?  Will Andrew Luck crash Naptown?   Will any of Bill Polian, Chris Polian, or Jim Caldwell weather the storm of the off-season?   I have no idea about some of these, and a pretty good idea about others.   What I do know for sure is that I’m glad the 2011 season is in the books, and I’m looking forward to the fun between now and next September!