Goodbye Caldwell? Colts’ Coach Could Be Sent Packing


Tony Sparano, Jack Del Rio, and Todd Haley are three coaches who joined the large number of unemployed Americans this season after failing to meet expectations. Here we are in Week 16, the Colts are 2-13 and were flirting with imperfection at one point, and head coach Jim Caldwell is still employed. Is it time for a change?

With plenty of potential replacements lurking around it’s my opinion that the Colts and Caldwell should part ways after this year. There simply aren’t enough reasons to keep Caldwell around; sure there was the season we went to the Super Bowl and lost to the New Orleans Saints, but most of the success that year can be attributed to Peyton Manning and the structure Tony Dungy left in place.

Caldwell has done nothing to improve this team and has a track record of not being able to build a good running offense or a solid defense. During his tenure as the head coach for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, the team didn’t run the ball well and had only one winning season. Over eight years as the Wake Forest Head Coach Caldwell compiled a record of 26-63, not much success over an extended period. Since then, he has pretty much coat-tailed on Tony Dungy’s success, starting with the Tampa Buccaneers back in 2001.

So, who could replace Caldwell?  Seeing how the Colts struggle to run the ball and to play any kind of defense, how about Tony Sparano? While he isn’t much of an offensive mind other than utilizing the “Wildcat,” he could install a much more effective 3-4 defense which might be the change the Colts need. I’m not saying he would lead us to the promised land, but his is a name to put out there because something has to change with Indianapolis Colts.  The loss of Peyton Manning shouldn’t result in the nightmare of a season we’re having.

Another name that might become available if the New York Giants don’t make playoffs is Tom Coughlin. I’ve always been a fan of his strict coaching style, and it would be a good transition for the defense since I’m sure Coughlin would stick with the 4-3 that the Colts already run. I’m also pretty certain he wouldn’t mind going from one Manning brother to another.