Indianapolis Colts’ Christmas Eve Edition


It’s Christmas Eve, and, while this has been a terrible season fort Colts fans, that doesn’t mean we don’t still believe in the magic of the season.  So, as the fat man gets ready to slide down chimneys in Carmel and downtown and in Richmond and Terre Haute and all around, here are a few Naptown’s Finest Christmas wishes:

  • A few more years of an elite Peyton Manning.
  • Somehow, a ready and steady Andrew Luck able to take over for Manning when the time comes.
  • A couple of Super Bowl runs in the next five years.
  • A smooth Super Bowl THIS year, when Naptown carries out its host duties.
  • A better coach (Sorry, Jim).
  • Less defensive execs (Sorry, Polians).
  • Lots of Irsay tweets in the New Year.
  • A Merry Christmas for you all.