Colts Mum on Injuries


The Colts apparently won’t give us any updates on the various injuries they’re nursing until next week sometime.   Among the more recently infirm are guard Joe Reitz and LB A.J. Edds, both of whom busted their ankles against the Texans.   Dallas Clark and Philip Wheeler both sat out the Houston affair with their own injuries, and the team is mum on their status, as well.

Could it be that the Colts have decided to put the brakes on this winning streak that could become deleterious if it reaches another game?  Will we see all of the remaining starters come out of Christmas weekend with some sort of “injuries” and miss the Jacksonville game?    Hard to say for sure, but I doubt it.   I think the Colts will be all in, right or wrong, for the the tilt against the Jaguars, and there is a good chance the `Shoes will kick away that first pick in the 2012 draft.

Bah humbug.